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Questionnaires--P ractical Hints on How to Avoid Mistakes in Design and Interpretation--By T.L.Brink, PhD, MBA (2004)

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Questionnaires is a practical guide to questionnaire design and interpretation with a problem-solution format.
This book  is different from others on this topic in that it is designed to be immediately helpful for people who have real-world constraints of budgets and deadlines. It focusses on eliminating costly errors in design rather than extensive theoretical aspects.
The book is for people who have a need to design questionnaires: those who work in marketing research, public relations, opinion polling, and human resources. Questionnaires will be of practical use to executives in business, governmental, and not-for-profit organizations who have to make decisions based upon data from surveys.
While it is not designed primarily for scholars and professors of research methodology its straightforward explanations should be immediately useful to students in graduate programs requiring a thesis for degrees in Business, Public Administration, Public Health, Psychology, and Sociology.
T.L Brink holds a doctorate in psychology from The University of Chicago) and an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University. He is known worldwide for development of psychometric instruments for the assessment of psychopathology (e.g., the Geriatric Depression Scale), and has taught research methodology to psychology, sociology, business, public administration, and public health students at U.S., Mexican and Spanish universities.
Brink is the author of several hundred articles and reviews in journals such as American Journal of Psychiatry, Academy of Management Review, Contemporary Psychology. He has several dozen encyclopedia articles on topics such as qualitative methods, management theory, measurement of religiosity,  and has authored, co-authored, or edited nine previous books.

Table of Contents

T.L. Brink--Questionnaires   ISBN 1-888725-74-5, 6½X8¼, 280 pp, $18.95  Questionnaires--Practical Hints on How to Avoid Mistakes in Design and Interpretation--By T.L.Brink

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student guide for analysis of the YRBSS data in EXCEL

Free video tutorials on Statistics techniques in EXCEL: These video tutorials are free to download, reproduce and distribute for nonprofit educational purposes. An adjunct resource for Statistics books from Heuristic Books. Watch here for updates and more tools.

Table of Video Tutorials:

Some of these are EXE's  that include the viewer. In that case, you may have to save to the hard drive and run using windows explorer or Start/ Run

These are large files (3-20 MB). Although they will download rapidly in the school system, downloading by modem at home would be impractical. You can borrow earphones to listen while playing them in SSB103 lab. Double click on the speaker down in the taskbar to remove muting and increase volume. plug the earphone into the green connector on the back of the computer. It uses a mini-stereo plug.  Some machines on campus have zipdisks which would allow you to download and copy for home use if you have a zipdrive at home. Sometime in the future, when I am more set on these, they will be available on CDROM. You have permission to copy, use and distribute these for personal and nonprofit educational use.
video on importing text data and parsing.  import.av i
Sampling from airplane empty seats data:  sample.av i
Paste special transpose to transpose data from rows to columns. transp ose.avi
sorting rows sortht.av i
adding in addins/tools addins.av i
descriptive statistics procedure dscstat s.avi
histograms histgra m.avi
2-sample F test for unequal variances ftestva r.avi
t-test 2 sample treating variances as equal ttst2sm p.avi
1-sample ttest 1samplt. avi
conversion of survey text to logical values
paired values ttest pairedt. avi
1-factor ANOVA - with audio  anova1V. avi
 2-factor ANOVA with replication- with audio  anova2v. avi
Copying text out of a pdf   pdftxt.av i
pasting text into EXCEL pastech i.avi
Modifying (expand/contract) the Chi2 sheet expchi.av i
pasting in new data for the Chi2 pastene w.avi
chart with trendline trendli ne.avi
simple linear regression simpreg r.avi
multiple regression yr1mreg r.avi

Use of Access to predigest data for EXCEL analysis

parsing YRBSS data into Access and Excel (ACCESS with yrbs1999 example) import wizard in EXCEL is very similar    imptaccs.avi  and import2.avi
Crosstab Query in ACCESS (yrbs1999 example)  crosstab.exe

Using EXCEL Pivot Tables for Crosstabulation

Yrbs Download dlyrb1.avi
import and parse YRBss 2001 into EXCEL importxl.avi
add labels to tops of columns for field names lblontop.avi
Use Pivot table to select crosstab variables pivottbl.avi
Calculate the percent of males and females who smoke pcsmoke.avi
What would you expect if there were no relationship (Ho true) expect.avi
Chi2 value =Does the Observation agree with your expectation? chi2calc.avi
Other Crosstabs modify Pivot tables to use a different field- modfield.avi
Other Crosstabs -adjust tables for new dimensions-- the "auto Chi-square" newchi.avi
Other summary measures- smoking, gender and average weight smkavgwt.avi

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